Pittsburgh International Airport Midfield Terminal Energy Facility

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1. The design team was concerned with developing "real" quotations and selecting the best energy system. Which of the nine project management body of knowledge areas was used most? Describe this process.

2. The authors state that project cost is directly proportional to the level of quality required. Comment on this statement.

3. Something which was not mentioned by the authors of this case was that the airport was created using public funds and thus faced the problems associated with dealing with the government and, consequently, the public as stakeholders. How did the owner/engineers of this project deal with this challenge?

4. The authors state that if realistic budget and quality are established, the project is properly controlled by controlling the schedule. They later state that the schedule is the key controlling mechanism. What are the key assumptions of this statement?

5. The authors mention the importance of negotiating the quality, budgeting, and scheduling with the project's owner. Elements of every project and even every activity of life involve negotiation. Project managers always have to conduct negotiations in a project. What are some strategies for negotiating as a project manager?

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Project Management Made Easy

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