Update roles and responsibilities This step has two parts

First, if any new role has been identified, then update the stakeholder-role description table (first mentioned in the project definition document) with the name of the required role and the specific responsibilities that role has. Once specific individuals are assigned to roles, the project role responsibility chart can be updated to reflect role assignments. An example of a partial project role responsibility chart is presented in Figure 5.4.

Figure 5.4. A partial role responsibility chart for a software development project.

Projecl Role

Projecl Pesponsibililies

Assigned Tcafti Member

Project Sponsor

■ Responsible for championing the project and communicating all aspects of Lhe project to oí her senior management slaveholders,

1 Has ultimate authority operand is responsible for Ihd prüjeCt ünd/Orthe program.

■ Approves changes to the scope and provides the applicable funds for those changes.

T Terrific

Project Manager

■ Provides direction and oversight to the initiative 'Works with stakeholders to ensure that expectations ane met

■ Develop and manage project plan ' Design and execution erf a project communications plan

•Measure, evaluate, and repon progress against the project plpn - Provide project status reports 'Coordinate and manage activities of project personnel

■ Resolve project issues

'Conduct scheduled project status meetings

* Establish documentation anri procedural standaids lor (he project

* Perform quality review of deliverable documents

'Maintain project communication wth ihe Client Project Manager

■ Review and administer Project Change Control Procedures.

M. Yost

Technical Leader

- Provide lechnxal leadership on the design of appfiealion architecture

■ Lead resolution ol any application devotopmont issues

* Facilitates technical design sessions

* Provides qualily assurance to tgchnicaf deliverabses

B. Gates

Quality Assurance Manager

■ Provides cfuaEiiy assurance to the ove nail project processes, procedures, and deliverables 'Works with the Project Leadership to ensure project eKpecteiions are met

N. Rned

Business Process Leaders

' Provide business competence to Ihe preject team

' Participate in information gathering sessions * Provide pertinent strategic business documentation and in formal ion 'Assist in ihe identification of business critical processes

■ Validate viability ol recommendations ' Serve as primary user acceptance testers

S. Jones G, Griffey

Second, for each significant work package listed in the WBS, map the responsibility level that each role has regarding that item. This mapping is routinely captured in a responsibility assignment matrix. An example of a partial project responsibility assignment matrix is presented in Figure 5.5.

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