WBS should always be defined at least one level lower than what is required for management reporting purposes. This allows you to better identify the source of any issues or variances.

• Each WBS element has only one parent.

• Upper levels of the WBS represent major deliverables or project phases.

• The WBS should include project management tasks and activities.

In general, the more detail in the WBS, the more accurate the work estimates and the better level of control. However, there is a balance. Too much detail and you will incur excessive costs performing data collection, tracking, and reporting. Too little detail and you incur higher risks and be unable to effectively manage.

• The WBS should include and isolate any work needed to integrate components/deliverables.

• The WBS should account for any subcontracted or externally committed deliverable.

• The WBS should represent all work needed to ensure completeness, correctness, and acceptance of deliverables.

• Depth of WBS depends on three key factors:

o The amount of project risk. o The reporting requirements.

o The balance of control versus costs.

The level of depth (granularity) for the work package level in a WBS (lowest levels) will vary. It depends on what level of detail the project manager needs for effective management and control of the project.

In a program, or on large projects, the work package level may represent efforts in the hundreds of hours. In these cases, it is expected that the teams assigned to these work packages (or subprojects) will define the detail activities and tasks needed to complete the work package. From a practical standpoint, these teams should develop their own WBS that can then be rolled-up into the master WBS.

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