The Absolute Minimum

At this point, you should have a solid understanding of the following:

• A properly defined project will greatly increase the odds for project success.

• The project and the project manager position should be officially announced and formally authorized to proceed.

• The key project manager tools for defining a project are the Project Definition document and a Project Organization Chart.

• The key skills used by the project manager when defining a project are facilitation, interviewing, negotiation, and general interpersonal skills.

• The Project Definition document should clearly communicate why the project is being undertaken, how it fits within the organization, what it will accomplish, the boundaries for the project work, who will be involved, and how project success will be measured.

• The Project Definition document is a living document throughout the project. However, any change to the document must be approved by the same set of original stakeholders.

• All stakeholders in the project must be identified.

• All major stakeholders must approve the Project Definition document.

The map in Figure 4.1 summarizes the main points we reviewed in this chapter.

Figure 4.1. Defining a project overview.

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