O Strong customerservice orientation Demonstrates ability to see each

stakeholder's perspective; ability to provide "voice" of all key stakeholders (especially the sponsor) to the project team; strong facilitation and collaboration skills; excellent "active" listening skills.

o "People-focused" Takes a team-oriented approach; understands that methodology, process, and tools are important, but without quality "people" it's very difficult to complete a project successfully.

o Always keeps "eye on the ball" Stays focused on the project goals and objectives. There are many ways to accomplish a given objective. Especially important to remember when "things" don't go as planned.

o "Controlled passion" Balances "passion" for completing the project objectives with a healthy "detached" perspective. This allows him/her to make better decisions, to continue to see all points of view, to better anticipate risks, and to better respond to project issues.

o "Healthy paranoia" Possesses a "healthy paranoia" toward the project. Balances a confident, positive outlook with a realism that assumes nothing, constantly questions, and verifies everything.

o "Context" understanding Understands the "context" of the projectthe priority that your project has among the organization's portfolio of projects and how it aligns with the overall goals of the organization.

o "Looking for trouble" Constantly looking and listening for potential risks, issues, or obstacles; confronts doubt head-on; deals with disgruntled users right away; understands that most of these situations are "opportunities" and can be resolved upfront before they become full-scale crisis points.


Present Power

Present Power

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