Guidelines for Effective WBS

Here are a few "guidelines" regarding the development of the project WBS that you will want to keep in mind:

• All the work of the project is included in the WBS.

• The WBS should be "deliverable focused."

• All deliverables are explicit in the WBS.

• The WBS should be developed "with the team."

• The WBS is refined as the project progresses.

• The WBS is a top-down decomposition and is logicalthe summary tasks go with lower level tasks.

• The WBS should be organized in a manner that emphasizes the most important aspects of the project and that best communicates the entire scope of the project to your stakeholders.

• The lowest level of the WBS is the work package or activity level and is used for schedule and cost development. This is the level where effort and cost can be reliably estimated.

• Unique identifiers are assigned to each item in the WBS to allow for better management reporting of costs and resources.

• WBS elements should be consistent with organizational and accounting structures.

• The coding scheme should clearly represent a hierarchical structure.

• Review and refine the WBS until all key project stakeholders are satisfied.

• Each WBS element represents a single deliverable and should be an aggregation of lower level WBS elements.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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