About the Author

Gregory M. Horine is a published author (PMP Exam Cram 2) and certified project management and business technology professional (PMP, CCP) with more than 16 years of consulting experience across multiple industries. His primary areas of professional expertise include

• Project management and leadership

• Complex application development

• Enterprise solution development

• Business process analysis and improvement

• Data analysis and transformation

• Package implementation and integration

• Vendor and procurement management

• Regulatory and process compliance

• Project management tools

• Computer systems validation

• Testing processes

• Quality and risk management

In addition, Mr. Horine holds a master's degree in computer science from Ball State University and a bachelor's degree in both marketing and computer science from Anderson College (Anderson, IN).

Through his "servant leadership" approach, Mr. Horine has established a track record of empowering his teammates, improving project communications, overcoming technical and political obstacles, and successfully completing projects that meet the targeted objectives.

Mr. Horine is grateful for the guidance and the opportunities that he has received from many mentors throughout his career. Their patience and influence has resulted in a rewarding career that has been marked by continuous learning and improvement.

You can access a recent interview of Mr. Horine by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and the Networking Professionals Association (NPA) at these respective websites:

http://www.npanet.org/public/interviews/careers interview 121.cfm


When not engaged in professional endeavors, Mr. Horine hones his project management skills at home with his lovely wife, Mayme, and his five incredible children: Michael, Victoria, Alex,

Luke, and Elayna.



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