Top Level Package Diagram

Once your planning team has an initial understanding of the system's requirements, it's time to assemble a top-level package diagram. Your lead architect will create the diagram based on his or her best understanding of the requirements and his or her experience with building a similar system. The role of the diagrams in an object-oriented design, as discussed in Chapter 2, is to provide an object-oriented version of the system architecture by replacing the functional block diagrams found in earlier design methods.

The top-level diagram is the center of the entire planning process. It provides an early view of the overall system that will be built that all can share. As explained in the following section, it also provides input to the estimation process. The sizing of the total effort is reached by sizing each of the packages. The WBS consists of tasks that implement the packages. The staff will be organized around meeting these tasks. For example, consider the overly simple check verification system shown in Figure 4.1. The system consists of a data entry application in which the store owner enters the check data. The application then dials a server that downloads the data and checks its database to see if the check is valid, and returns an acceptance code and a server application. The top-level diagram consists of the entry application that receives the dial, checks its format, and dials the server, the server application, the database, and the dial-up services. Both the client and server application rely on the dial-up services. As a manager, you will plan around building (or buying) the code that implements each of these packages.

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Figure 4.1 Top-level package diagram for the check verification system.


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