Designing the SDP

With the completion of the estimates, scoping is complete, and you have enough information in hand to design the SDP. In this context, designing means creating all of the material that comprises an SDP. The actual building—in this case, writing—of the SDP is the document creation. This section helps you to determine the content.

Develop the SDP elements in the following order:

1. Deliverables.

2. Development environment.

3. Size and effort estimates.

4. Risk planning.

5. Choice of lifecycle model.

6. Work breakdown structure (WBS).

7. Schedules.

8. Staffing and organization.

9. Time-phased budget.

10. Program metrics identification and collection strategy.

This reflects a logical order. First you determine what you must deliver, then you identify the best tools to build the deliverables. These decisions impact the sizing and so on. (Note, however, the actual SDP document may have a different outline.)


Table of Contents


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