Principle Improvement process

Each project, change or problem-solving process is initiated with the intention of making something better. Why go for change if it is not for the better? Why initiate a project if not for solving a problem? Why initiate a network for promoting a cluster if it does not lead to benefits? Therefore, the development of a learning organisation as well as a learning network is an intentional improvement process. Improvement is a change for the better in the degree of quality. The only meaningful measurement of before-after difference of this is the intention of those who have induced or suffered this process. This is not only true for organisation development; it is especially true for intentional learning. Learning in an organisational context is by definition the endeavour of improving one's control potential or competence, i.e. self-improvement. Learning is an improvement process. What was said before about working well is true: one must be able, want and be allowed to work, and so it is with learning. The task is not fulfilled by seeing it as an improvement process; it must also be shaped, i.e., managed, like an improvement process.

It is particularly here that the general theory of quality may serve as a reference (cf. Message 2M12).

Practical Personal Development

Practical Personal Development

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