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Figuring out your project's diverse audiences ^ Naming the drivers, supporters, and observers ^ Determining who has authority in your project a Jften a project is like an iceberg: Nine-tenths of it lurks below the surface.

You receive an assignment and you think you know what it entails and who needs to be involved. Then, as the project unfolds, new people emerge — one by one — people who will affect your goals and your approach to the project.

You run two risks when you don't involve key people or groups in your project in a timely manner. First, you may miss important information that can affect the project's performance and ultimate success. Second, and sometimes more painful, you may insult someone. And you can be sure that, when someone feels slighted or insulted, he'll take steps to make sure you don't do it again!

As soon as you begin to think about your project, start to identify people who may play a role. This chapter shows you how to identify these candidates; how to decide whether, when, and how to involve them; and how to determine who has the authority to make critical decisions.

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Project Management Made Easy

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