Facing the Unknowns When Planning

As you proceed through your planning process, you can identify issues or questions that may affect your project's performance. Unfortunately, just identifying these issues or questions doesn't help you address them.

For every issue you identify, make assumptions regarding unknowns associated with it. Then use these assumptions as you plan your project. Consider the following examples:

^ Issue: How much money will you get to perform your project?

Approach: Assume you'll get $50,000 for your project. Plan for your project to spend up to, but no more than, $50,000. Develop detailed information to demonstrate why your project budget must be $50,000 and share that information with key decision makers.

^ Issue: When will you get authorization to start work on your project?

Approach: Assume you'll receive authorization to start work on August 1. Plan your project work so that no activities start before August 1. Explain to key people why your project must start on August 1 and work with them to facilitate your project's approval by that date.

Consider all project assumptions when you develop your project's risk management plan. See Chapter 8 for more info.

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