Creating the Skills Roster

Because Skills Rosters can be useful in different areas, your organization's group managers and supervisors, training departments, and employee-recruiting departments may already have rosters for some or all of the staff. If you decide to create a roster or help someone else in your organization create one, proceed as follows:

1. Develop a complete list of the skill and knowledge areas that may be required for anticipated project assignments.

Determine these areas by consulting with subject-matter experts, your human resources department, and staff people who have done similar work in the past.

2. Develop a list of all people who'll be included in the Skills Roster.

Include all people who may be assigned to your project.

3. Have the people on your list rate their proficiency in each skill and knowledge area and then their interest in working on assignments in each area.

4. Have each person's direct supervisor rate the person's skill, knowledge, and interest.

5. Compare the ratings made by the person and his supervisor and reconcile any differences.

Consult the person being rated and his supervisor to determine the reasons for differences in ratings; choose the rating that you feel most accurately describes the person's proficiency.

6. Prepare a final version of the Skills Roster.

In a project environment, you often work with people you don't know well or haven't spent much time with. Making a special effort to find out about their skills, knowledge, and interests helps you to make more appropriate use of their special talents. In turn, this effort improves the team members' morale and productivity.

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