Tools for Development and Maintenance

The different steps of the development process are supported by different tools to permit an efficient development. By using the following tools, the development process is eased and sped up significantly. The two most important tools are OntoEdit which helps to design the underlying ontology and different HTML/ JavaScript/ JavaServlet Templates that allow a fast development (creation) of dynamic web pages. The development of the web site design is facilitated by common HTML editing tools (e.g. NetObjects Fusion, Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage).

The wrapper development was facilitated in the case study by the extraction wizard. 6.2.1 OntoEdit

OntoEdit is an ontology development environment [Figure 29] which is currently developed at the Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe []. It is used during terminology engineering and rule development.

Figure 29 - OntoEdit

The tool allows to define concepts and to organise them in the appropriate hierarchy. Attributes can be defined for the concepts and value ranges can be specified. Relations between different concepts can be modelled. In a rule view, the user can model rules and constraints. By using the "rule debugger", the user is supported in the complex and error prone development of rules and queries in F-Logic. The tool offers several documentation possibilities and allows multilingual ontology specifications [OntoEdit].

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