Semi Canned Queries

In semi-canned queries, the fixed part of the canned query is complemented by a variable part. This part is defined by the user through the use of HTML forms.

For example, the knowledge portal offers the programme manager the possibility to compare certain information of different projects. To this aim, he types in the project numbers (see Figure 19) and then he chooses the parts from PRD and/or HR he wants to compare (e.g. the title and the description of the deliverables)

Compare certain parts of several projects

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119FP Pilot Implementation 1.19FP

BBAA Demonstration Workshop IH

119FP Proj e ct Evaluation Rep ort



Broadband Satellite System Models

Report on Broadband Satellite Simulations

Trial of the People and Information Finder at the Blue water Retail Park site.

Formal BBAA project deliverable of farther practical demonstrations of technologies that could be developed as products or services for the construction industry and other sectors.

Formal BBAA project deliverable of a final report giving an evaluation of the project and an assessment of the feasibility of proposals. A sound basis for planning SSoft product offerings in this area.

The Cadance simulation suite will be used to develop system models (constellation, radio channel and basic network layer) of the following systems: Teledesic, Celestri, Skybridge, Astrolink and Spaceway. Refinements and specific parameter requirements will be developed with CFD input

Report summarising Broadband system capabilities and constraints, based on simulations run on model developed in Deliverable 1.

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