Finally, the mock-up version of the web site is expanded. The ideas developed during the test of the mock-up version are now implemented. As all individual parts of the knowledge management system are united in the portal, we had to secure a homogeneous integration. That means that all parts (Ontobroker, personalised news, conventional search engine, patent classifier) had to have a common look (colour, style of characters, same images, etc.).

For the Ontobroker part, the queries developed during the query formulation phase were integrated into the portal, i.e. dynamic web pages were created. The hyperlinks or HTML forms were built with the queries formulated one phase before. If the queries should be triggered from within a tree applet, the corresponding queries were inserted into the applet parameters (e.g. expertise map). The pages which display the query results were implemented according to the user requirements (i.e. sorted tables, ranking, etc.).

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