Business Knowledge Management Model for the Case Study Scenario

In this paragraph, the management of research projects of a programme manager at BT is studied according to the Business Knowledge Management (BKM) model [Osterle 1999b]. This method was chosen to allow a structured insight into the scenario from different perspectives on the one hand and on the other hand to show the BKM model.

The idea of BKM is to optimise business processes through the utilisation of relevant knowledge. Starting from the business process, the knowledge requirements and sources are evaluated. In the next step, the knowledge flows beyond the examined business process are defined. Then the knowledge processes [see section 2.4] for collection, preparation, distribution and maintenance are fixed. The use of the model for the programme managers' scenario is outlined in Figure 7. The different components and their purpose is explained as follows.

Figure 7 - Abstract of the BKM Model for the Case Study Scenario, adapted from [Osterle 1999b]
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