Vertical and Horizontal Integration

There are two types of integration and they are both essential success factors, particularly in a multiproject program environment. They are vertical and horizontal integration.

Vertical integration looks inside and up and down into the business, program, project, and product/service components. This kind of integration targets the program, project, and product, and builds a product or service with integrity. It looks downstream in the project process to product performance and customer satisfaction.

Horizontal integration looks outside and around to the external, the environmental, and the organizational assets that support the project. It focuses on outside forces that create risk and opportunity, market forces that will shape the product or service.

Vertical integration is program integration; it proceeds down the project, going deep into the project processes and product configuration. It focuses on performance. Vertical integration is related to horizontal integration in the sense that a project that reflects outside factors and environmental scanning information is more apt to succeed in its performance because these factors can make or break a project.

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