Tools and techniques

1. Project management methodology

2. Project management information system

■ Configuration management system. The configuration management system is a subsystem of the overall PMIS. The system includes the process for submitting proposed changes, tracking systems for reviewing and approving proposed changes, defining approval levels for authorizing changes, and providing a method to validate approved changes. In most application areas, the configuration management system includes the change control system. The configuration management system is also a collection of formal documented procedures used to apply technical and administrative direction and surveillance to

■ Identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of a product or component.

■ Control any changes to such characteristics.

■ Record and report each change and its implementation status.

■ Support the audit of the products and components to verify conformance to requirements.

■ Change control system. The change control system is a collection of formal documented procedures that define how project deliverables and documentation are controlled, changed, and approved. The change control system is a subsystem of the configuration management system. For example, for information technology systems, a change control system can include the specifications (scripts, source code, data definition language, and the like) for each software component.

3. Expert judgment. Expert judgment in the development of a project plan is typically obtained from outside experts on project planning in the consulting community.

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