The uniqueness of project management

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Project management is unique because of the following:

■ It has a defined specification, deliverable, and end point.

■ It borrows and integrates resources.

Each of these unique factors presents its challenges to an organization. First, since the focus of project management is on completing the project at its defined end, there is always a focus on the time element. This frequently results in a constant battle between the three basic competing elements of project management: time, cost, and performance. Balancing these three parameters while striving to complete the project requires constant attention to ensure that the priority is not on just getting the deliverable out of the door. This constant consideration for time, cost, and performance trade-offs requires developing positive internal coalitions. It also makes the relationship with the customer critical to success.

Second, the borrowing and integration of resources from functional departments constantly creates the potential for conflict between functional resources and project resources. Collaborative unions between functional managers and project managers are essential to resolve issues relating to the dual responsibilities of project team members.

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