Specific team roles and responsibilities

The team consists of a team leader, team members, and sometimes a team facilitator. Each of these team players has a specific role. The team leader guides the team to mission accomplishment. The team members contribute toward achieving the mission. The team facilitator assists the team with focus, teamwork, methodology, tools, and techniques. Detailed roles and responsibilities for team leader, team member, and team facilitator are contained in Chap 6.

The team leader and team members' roles depend on the category of team. The first category of team is the traditional directive organization with a manager. The role of the manager in this team is to get the task accomplished. The role of the team member is to strictly perform the directed job. The second category of team is a participative organization. A leader guides the team to a common goal through a process involving all team members. The team members provide their expertise and cooperation. The third category of team is a collective self-led organization. In this team, ownership is shared by all team members. A team facilitator creates and maintains teamwork. The fourth category is an empowered organization. In an empowered organization, teams have the total responsibility, authority, and resources to perform and improve their process(es). In this category of team organization, a coach and/or resource person advises the teams.

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