Sound scheduling processes

New Vision will conduct scheduling using a five-step, integrated schedule process as elaborated in Chap 4, WBS, scheduling, resource assignment, program "kickoff " and baselining, and monitoring. Within New Visions, the program manager generates the scheduling process; the department manager serves as a resource on product functionality and department resources and assures that the technical procedures are in place to complete the work. High-Quality scheduling products.

Project integration requires that scheduling becomes a high-level, visible activity taken seriously from the project team upward to the district, stakeholder level. This means that schedules are seen as commitments of people and organizations to perform work as scheduled and within budgets, specified for each task. Schedules are baselined and managed as the basic ingredient of integration. In practice, this means that the company manages the critical chain resources and activities that drive the project outcomes, not just the critical path. Schedule information is summarized and packaged in Powerpoint presentations for Gateway reviews and Microsoft Project schedules are used as backup to individual issues of work progress as necessary.

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Project Management Made Easy

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