Schedule Update Procedures

Using Microsoft Project, program managers can track and update actual performance information once a project is underway, including % complete for each task; change in task start date; change in task finish date; task duration; task cost; and total work.

1. Percent complete on a task. At the very minimum, the program manager updates %complete for each task on which work has been done during the past week. These data are gathered from the appropriate project team members based on their assessment of the percentage of work actually done, compared to the baseline work definition. Program managers are responsible for briefing team members on the importance of accurate assessments of %complete and how their estimates are used to update project performance. When %com-plete is entered, Project changes the actual start date to match the scheduled start date and calculates the actual duration and remaining duration.

2. Add a new task to a baseline or interim plan.

3. Enter actual duration of a task.

4. Enter actual start and finish dates for a task.

5. Enter actual work (e.g., hours) completed on each task (from time sheets.)

6. Reschedule uncompleted work.

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