Roles responsibilities and relationships

Besides normal team functions, team meetings involve additional roles, responsibilities, and relationships. These must be defined. The team leader guides the team to mission accomplishment and the team leader may guide the team during team meetings. Team members are expected to prepare, participate, and perform for team meetings. The team facilitator helps the team focus and apply methods, tools, and techniques during the meeting. In addition, for team meetings a recorder is needed. The recorder prepares all the administration documentation for the meeting. This could include such items as agenda, minutes, assumptions, and list of definitions.

In addition to roles and responsibilities, each team member must understand the relationships that exist. These relationships could affect the team meeting. The relationships involve the team as a whole, other team members, the organization as a whole, the functional organization, and self. A conflict in any of these relationships could cause a team meeting to be canceled or ineffective. These potential conflicts should be resolved as early as possible to ensure maximum participation by all team members.

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