Rebuilding New Orleans A Case in Integrated Program and Project Management

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As we have stressed earlier, the concept of integrated project management can be applied to a wide variety of policy, program, and project management decision levels, from top level policy/political strategic and portfolio decisions to low level, individual, and technical tasks to integrate project components. Integration becomes more and more important as the complexity of the program and projects increases, simply because there are more points of contact, more risks associated with lack of coordination, and more stakeholders and customers to satisfy. When integration is applied to a public program of projects, e.g., a community development initiative, the key role of integration is clear.

In view of the general interest in the effort to recover from the hurricane Katrina's impacts in the Gulf Coast, especially in the New Orleans community, we will address the issue of integration in a proposal for coordinated action there, involving all the many stakeholders, customers, and participants in the process.

Let's say that Development Associates, Inc., DAI, a new town development corporation, has planned many community complexes throughout the world. DAI has been selected by the newly created New Orleans Community Development District, to serve as a prime integrator in rebuilding New Orleans. Your company New Vision, Inc, has been selected by DAI to serve as their prime, to design, develop, and erect a redesigned New Orleans, a recovery community in the New Orleans proper area that would resurrect the city to its preKatrina hurricane status, or better. This is to develop an integrated community on a 42,900 acre site made available by the city through the new development district created under special state legislation to manage the process.

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