Quality Function Deployment

Quality function deployment (QFD) is a disciplined approach for integrating customer requirements, the voice of the customer, into product development requirements, in effect, integrating customer requirements with scope of work. Too often, scopes of work and functional requirements are not integrated with customer expectations, thus successful completion of functional requirements on time and within budget can be unsatisfactory to the customer. QFD is a tool for making plans visible and then determining the impact of the plans. QFD involves all activities of everyone at all stages from development through production, with a customer focus.

The four phases of QFD are product planning, parts deployment, process planning, and production planning. During phase 1, customer requirements are transformed into design requirements. In phase 2, design requirements are converted into a system (part) or concept design. Phase 3 examines candidate processes and selects one. Phase 4 looks at making capable production processes.

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