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The project integration management plan is a management document dealing with how resources are to be used, how project progress is to be monitored, how reporting will occur, and financial and funding issues relative to the project. The plan also includes the technical and product information necessary to produce the deliverable. This plan has the following elements:

1. Business plan and relevant strategic objectives

2. Project management process to be used (see program manual discussion in chapter 4)

3. Program and product line framework

4. Documentation requirements

5. Reporting and monitoring approach

6. Cost benefit analyses, cost control, and finance issues

7. Conflict resolution approach

8. Stage-gate review requirements

9. Business and program/project organization

10. Roles and responsibilities

11. Project schedule and key milestones

12. Change control procedures

13. Team contact directory

14. Customer performance and technical requirements document

15. Project deliverable definitions

16. Generic WBS and data dictionary

17. Technical stage-gate process and phases

18. Design review requirements

19. Industry standards

20. Testing and user approval procedures

21. Regulatory and international technical constraints

22. Configuration management requirements for transition to production

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