Project Contract Integration The Federal Government Model

Government acquisition often serves as a model for contractor integration in three phases—preacquisition, system development, and production and operations.

Concept and technology development. This is generally the preacquisition phase, where the customer is seeking technologies related to a future acquisition endeavor. Government customers will often ask potential players to invest in the technology development, with the potential tool being a future contractor.

Systems development and demonstration. This is a first step acquisition phase, where the customer will establish significant procurement opportunities. However, many government procurements at this point will also ask the contractor for cost share concessions. As the title indicates, this time frame is dedicated to the development and demonstration of a given system.

Production and development. This phase of the model is dedicated to advanced development during prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, and development phases of a development program. Often this will also include low rate introductory production as well.

Operations and support phase. This phase of the cycle is where the product is fielded and the contractor is responsible for the logistics support of the fielded system.

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