Program of Projects

The program of projects for BuildIt is a broad description of a series of short-term projects and other support activities necessary to carry out the strategic intent of the company to increase its market share in transit related community development. The program includes three different but related program areas: program areas 1, 2, and 3

1. Program Area 1: Near-term community development

Program Goal: To build home developments around current MARTA stations. This program of projects includes all the program planning activity that will produce a set of short term projects to design, plan, and build home developments around current MARTA stations.

Marketing program: The marketing program of projects includes all program and project activity focused on identifying opportunities and markets for current MARTA oriented housing development. The marketing program involves gaining a better understanding of not only what potential lies in building high-density homes around stations, but also about the capacity of BuildIt to implement such a program. Marketing will dimension the needs but also the challenges of designing and building complexes in terms of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Included in this program of projects are the following:

■ Project 1: Perform market research on potential construction planning and engineering studies for Sandy Springs Station.

■ Project 2: Perform market research on potential construction proposal for major downtown development around Underground, including major land redevelopment.

■ Project 3: Perform feasibility study on options for high-density homes and development around the Atlanta airport station.

■ Project 4: Contract out a survey and produce a comprehensive report to describe resident needs and services around MARTA stations.

■ Project 5: Develop a model home design and build near the MARTA station in order to market housing development concepts.

■ Project 6: Design an Internet marketing program and campaign to identify needs for high-density residences near MARTA stations.

Program Area 2 Program Area 3

Project plans. Projects from the above programs are selected through net present value (NPV), analysis of alignment with strategy (weighted scoring model) and risk assessment using the program evaluation and review technique (PERT) analysis in Microsoft Project.

In sum, the integration challenge for the BuildIt company program manager is to coordinate the staging, execution, and delivery of a series of related projects. This requires continual interface with a multitude of stakeholders with potentially conflicting interests, keeping the focus on business profitability and customer satisfaction.

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