Program Networks

Networks are inherent in project integration. Networks, or linked program and project schedules, offer opportunities for "what if" analysis, facilitate schedule risk analysis, verify and accentuate horizontal integration, and ensure accurate assessment of schedule performance.

The primary elements of a project network are tasks, durations, and logic/ relationships. The basics of a network are task, duration, and logical linkages or relationships.

A task can be described as an activity or event, work package, milestone, and has the following characteristics: Tasks are the building blocks of a network. Each task is a unit of work and has a finite duration with quantifiable progress, requires resources, and has a single point of accountability.

Durations are an estimate of the time required to accomplish a task. Scheduled (and baselined) dates are derived using duration. Good durations are required to generate an accurate estimate for a task. When estimating task duration, use expert judgment (subject matter experts), historical data, examine "intangibles," and the level of risk that may impact the duration of a task.

Schedule linkages, or "logic/relationships," are created when the analyst establishes the order in which a task must occur in order to accomplish the project and task dependencies. Those relationships are established, altered, and driven by the assigned logical occurrence of tasks, lags, predecessor, and successor relationships.

Integration occurs in the linking of tasks in terms of time, cost, and quality. Thus program and project integration is facilitated by networks that create visible images of coordination and interdependencies in a project.

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