Principles of teamwork

In order to build and maintain teamwork, the team must obey some principles. The key principles of teamwork involve the following:

■ Keep focused on the mission; not on the person

■ Encourage open communication and active listening

■ Yearn for constructive relationships

In addition to these key principles, there are basic principles that every team must observe to build and maintain teamwork over the long term. The team must be continuously developing and maintaining teamwork. The individual team members and the team must receive appropriate rewards and recognition to maintain interest in teamwork. Further, all members must be involved in team activities to maximize the true potential of the team. Team members must have enough self-esteem to actively contribute. Communication is essential in any team activity. In addition, the strength of the team lies in the individuality of each of the team members. Constructive cooperative relationships are critical, both within and outside the team—between team members and with customers, suppliers, and other teams. All the members, especially the team leader must set the example. Team members can develop the behavior necessary to work as a team through observation. Ideas are the power of the team. All team members must be encouraged to continually contribute toward innovative and creative ideas. Above all, focus on the mission—not the person. It is not personal. Teamwork demands an unrelenting devotion to a common purpose. The basic principles of teamwork can be summarized as follows:

■ Pursue team environment.

■ Reward and recognize the individual and the team.

■ Involve all team members.

■ Nurture the self-esteem of all team members.

■ Communicate freely and openly.

■ Include individuality.

■ Pursue constructive relationships.

■ Encourage all team members' ideas.

■ Stay focused on the mission.

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