Prepare presentation materials

Presentation materials can be as simple or complex as required to get the requested action from the audience. Presentation materials are used to attract and maintain attention on main ideas. They illustrate and support the team's recommendations.

They focus on minimizing misunderstanding. Presentation materials could include handouts, overhead transparencies, flipchart, video, and computer-based visuals. As a minimum, the presentation material should consist of a handout for all participants. Normally, the presentation material consists of a handout and some form of visual aid for the group to observe. In most organizations, this is either flipchart or overhead transparencies. Specific tips for preparing the most common presentation aids of handout, flipchart, and overhead transparencies are as follows:

Handout. The handout supports the presentation by providing critical information and/or supplemental detail. The handout should follow the presentation, if given prior to the presentation. If the handout only provides supplemental or reinforcing information, the handout should not be provided to the audience until it is appropriate during the presentation or given at the conclusion of the presentation.

Flipcharts. Flipcharts enhance the presentation. They should emphasize the key points or graphically show concepts. Some specific tips for the design of flipcharts are:

■ List main points as bullets.

■ Limit bullets to six or less per chart.

■ Keep bullets short around six words or less per bullet.

■ Chart should be readable from every seat in the room.

■ Multiple colors can be used to stress key words.

■ Leave a blank sheet between flipcharts.

■ Should reflect the professional pride of the team.

Overhead transparencies. Overhead transparencies are the most frequent material used to aid in the understanding of information in a presentation. The overhead transparency is used the same as a flipchart. However, with today's computer technology, especially graphic capability, the overhead transparencies should be used to reinforce ideas graphically. Since people have different styles for understanding, this is supported by dominance of the right or left brain. It may be appropriate to use both words and pictures to convey your message. The words appeal to the more logical (the left brain preference) people and the graphics focus on the creative right brain dominant people. The same tips for flipcharts apply to overhead. In addition, you should not attempt to show large amounts of data or complex processes on one overhead. Reduce the information to show trends, relationship, or overall processes. If detailed information is necessary, provide this information as a handout.

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