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1. Project charter. (See the earlier introduction to the current section 'Develop Project Charter.") One final point about the project team charter in terms of integration. Teams that work together and communicate outward about the project with internal stakeholders, such as finance, purchasing, and engineering, tend to integrate their projects more effectively than teams that work in isolation. Therefore, the major determinant of successful integration is not technical but rather social and organizational. The way the team sees the priority of integration at all levels is to see it explicitly in the charter itself. Therefore, every charter should have a statement such as the following:

The project team will integrate project activities at all levels, including with business planning and marketing, finance and budget, functional departments, and customers, to assure that the project outcomes reflect all the stakeholder interests to the extent possible. Project planning shall include a comprehensive project schedule which integrates cost, time, and quality factors to create an optimum outcome, cheaper, better, and faster.

The charter might address the following topics:

Project manager Priority of project Date







Schedule and major milestones

Cost/budget/financial assumptions

Quality specifications

Major risks and contingencies

Project core team

Subject matter experts


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