Managing schedules on the network

The basic objectives of network management of program schedules are to (1) enable the program management department to control schedule updates and schedule versions, and (2) provide department managers and staff with an easy way to review and provide input to schedules and schedule assumptions. Here are the steps involved:

1. All schedules will be housed on the server in individual program manager folders.

2. The central resource pool file will be named "Integrated Resources, project file name" and will be housed in the schedule folder. Archive versions of schedules will be housed in a separate folder.

3. The program management department will control access to schedule files. The director of product development and the program management department (program managers and program administrator/planner) will have "write" access to the schedules. Department managers, systems engineers, and team staff and other users will have "read" access to program schedules.

4. The program management department is responsible for maintaining and updating program schedules on the network. Once the director of product development, the program manager, and department managers agree on a proposed schedule and/or update, the schedule will be linked to the resource file and resource conflicts will be identified and resolved. The program manager will then save the schedule as a baseline schedule. Once baselined, the schedule will be placed in a project manager-administrator directory. The baseline schedule will be the only version of that schedule housed on the network (except for archives) and will serve as the source of "planned versus actual" tracking information.

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