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The integration of the corporate business plan, product development plans, production plan, master production schedule, material procurement plan, and production control involves the role of a general manager with accountability across the whole process. It is difficult for a project manager to look beyond the project deliverable and it is difficult for the manufacturing control manager to see the project inputs and outputs and their impacts on production scheduling. The linkage of business plan, product development, and manufacturing is made even more challenging when configuration management serves as the basic linkage between the two. In other words, configuration management often works at the interface of designed products and production schedules; if the production department does not know what is being designed and released by project managers who are conducting product development, and therefore do not know what they are going to produce. If they have no access not to bill of materials, inventory issues, or assembly issues, they can not schedule production. To fill that void, typically, configuration management is the review point for the transition of product design to manufacturing.

Production Scheduling Slide Hidden

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■ Production Plan

Set of techniques which uses bills of material inventory, data, and the MPS to calculate requirements for material co ial

Master Production Schedule

Material Requirements Planning Production Activity Control

System for utilizing data from the shop floor to maintain and communicate status information on shop orders and work centers

Integration and time phasing of all resources which "drives" material requirements planning

Figure 6.5 Production scheduling.

Material resource planning (MRP) assures that resources necessary to support planned manufacturing are available, when needed (Fig. 6.5). Configuration management ensures that the components of the product to be manufactured are well defined; manufacturing inventory ensures that parts are available when necessary—just-in-time.

Integrating monitoring and customer reporting

In order to keep the customer informed on the issues of interest to the customer, a regular, virtual reporting system is provided to him. Customers are typically interested in schedule variances, quality problems, and lessons learned during the development and manufacturing of the product. Therefore, using Microsoft Project Central, project managers can keep customers and stakeholders informed even if they do not have the MS Project software. Indicators reported to the customer include

■ 60 to 90 day look ahead report

■ Late items report

■ Total late item trend metric

■ Performance reporting

■ Line of balance for recurring programs

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