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The integration model that follows (Fig. 1.1) captures the essential factors requiring a new level of integration in program and project management.

People. People integrate, not systems, so people are trained to coordinate and interact with program and project participants, forming a true interdisciplinary team.

Projects. Projects become more cross-functional as project work is defined in terms of coordination and integration of work.

Technology. Complex products are managed at the interface, placing more emphasis on product and service integration.

Financial, schedule, risk, and quality combined. Through earned value and integrative tools, program and project progress is seen in terms of the combined impacts on financial, schedule, risk response, and quality issues.

Program management applications. Integration defines the program manager's role; working between top management and project managers; program

Program Element




Financial, schedule, risk, and quality combined

Program management

Systems support integration

Customer is "seldom seen" by the program team

Integration Mode

Integration mindset

Cross-functional tasking

Component Interface and performance

Earned value seen as an integrating tool

Program management is an integrated multiproject system

Organizational systems designed to encourage integration

Instead of "seldom seen," customer requirements are integrated at every level

Figure 1.1 Program and project management integration.

managers integrate projects with company plans and strategies, and work with enterprise-wide resource management systems.

Systems support integration. Organizational and information technology systems are designed to interface with each other and to encourage integration.

Customer is "seen" by the program team. All program and project activity is performed with the customer in full view, integrating the work with customer's expectations.

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