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The integration of projects with the company's market and customer base is accomplished through an organizational process, not a technical one. The organization is vertically integrated to tie marketing and sales to project planning and management. This is accomplished by linking the marketing and sales departments in a matrix relationship with program and project management. Marketing and sales representatives are tied virtually to project team status and review meetings, and project design and development can be interrupted by marketing and sales inputs at any time through the change control process.

Integrated project management opens the change control process to its own marketing and sales people through this linkage. This is not easily done in many companies because of the traditional separation of project, marketing, and sales departments. This separation is functional because marketing and sales are outward bound activities, while projects are inward bound activities. Cultural differences stem from different workforce and incentive systems. Sales is incentivized by actual bottom line sales transactions, while projects are typically unbound by customer acceptance transactions, with the exception of user acceptance tasks.

This institutional integration of marketing, sales, and project dynamics is a key ingredient to flexible project management, focused on better, cheaper, and faster. While traditional project deliverables are constrained by generic processes and requirements, under this system customized changes in real time from marketing and sales are injected seamlessly into project processes at any stage gateway. Sales transactions on the customer's site can be made on the spot as salespeople and project people are in real-time communication on project outcomes and design specifications. New marketing research information can be blended into project designs as they are surfaced and interpreted.

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