Integration and Individual Involvement

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Individual involvement concerns each person's contributions to the organization. In customer-driven project management, individuals work to continually perform their work and improve the processes in the organization, focusing on total customer satisfaction.

Each individual is unique and valuable. This diversity is a distinct advantage in today's economic environment to the organization that learns to use this to improve their competitive position. People have a variety of attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, opinions, and ideas. These are potential sources of creativity. Innovation can be gained from different competencies, abilities, knowledge, and skills of the work force. Each person's culture, background, and personality fosters an individuality that can be used for the good of the organization. Creativity, innovation, and individuality can be the edge needed for growth. Therefore in a customer-driven project management organization, individual differences are valued as an important resource.

Although each person is different, people generally want some of the same basic things. They want to be safe and secure, trusted, and appreciated, need to belong, feel important, have pride in work, be involved and have advancement and personal growth opportunities. The organization that provides a work environment where all of these wants can be achieved by the individual will be rewarded with high individual productivity.

In an integrated project management environment, the goal is the actual empowerment of everyone in the organization. Empowerment means all individuals in the organization have the authority to do what is necessary to perform and improve their work. Empowerment does not just happen. The organization cannot simply announce that the people are empowered and expect it to work. Typically, empowerment comes in stages. First, people must trust the organization. Typically, most organizations have developed many adversarial relationships over the years. This has led to mistrust between management and workers, organizations, and unions, and one department or function and another department or function. These barriers must be removed before an individual will become involved in any extraordinary effort. Restoring trust may take some time depending on the organization. This can only be accomplished by the actions of management working through structure activities. These activities should foster honest and open communication, leading to some specific actions that build the trust.

Once trust is restored, people will start becoming involved in assuming more ownership in their work. At this point, the resources must be available to allow the person to take pride in work. When pride in the work is the norm, people can be completely empowered to provide total customer satisfaction.

With the added emphasis on human resources, people must work smarter to perform and improve their work, with a focus on customer satisfaction. People have always known best how to do things right, and do them better. However, neither the organization nor the people knew how to tap this resource for the benefit of the organization, the individual, and the customer. The organization must be transformed to provide an environment where individuals can maximize their potential. At the same time people must be trained in a systematic process that provides them the capability to influence their work. When this is accomplished, individual involvement can reach its maximum potential.

Individual involvement is fostered by the following:

■ Instill pride of workmanship.

■ Nurture individual self-esteem.

■ Develop an atmosphere of trust and encouragement.

■ Involve everyone.

■ Visualize a common purpose.

■ Improve everything.

■ Demand effective and open communications.

■ Use rewards and recognition.

■ Allow creativity and innovation.

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