Integrated schedule fundamentals

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Fundamentals of preparing an integrated program schedule. An integrated program schedule includes all factors in baseline schedules, including risk, contingency, linkages, concurrency, resource availability, cost, quality, and technical performance.

Schedule development. Schedules are developed in an iterative process involving the structuring of the WBS, the use of MS Project or equivalent for the listing of the task outline to the third or fourth level, the assignment of resources, the estimation of resource costs and entering costs, the linking of tasks, estimation of task durations, and the determination of the start date.

Processes of schedule management. Schedule management involves reviewing the schedule every two weeks in a project review session, adjusting as necessary with actual data, and a major review at the stage Gateway point.

Supplier data integration. Supplier information is documented in a supplier database program, and related to components in a configuration management system that documents the supplier of every outsourced component and how it was designed and built, or produced.

Influences of the WBS. The generic WBS is an enormous aid in controlling project plans and schedules and in clarifying what each task means. Project managers learn to rely on a generic WBS, if it is properly maintained, as the source of all issues on task clarity and outputs.

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