Integrated Resource Planning and Control

Scheduling is essentially the process of planning for use of personnel and equipment resources. Good program management requires that there be a process to plan for the acquisition of future resources, to allocate current and projected resources to schedules, and to make shifts in resource management as required. The process provides for a central resource pool to identify impacts of project schedules and assure the efficient utilization of the workforce. The resource pool information on the network is shared with management staff and all team members to allow each team member to evaluate the scheduled work assigned and to provide guidance on task definition, durations, start and finish dates, and interdependencies.

While work actually done on a project is tracked automatically by project when %complete data is entered, the program management and finance departments collect actual work done from time sheets to gain a more accurate assessment of actual work. Actual work is tracked from time sheets, which collect hours of work against the project account-numbering scheme. The program manager is responsible for establishing the account numbers for charges to the project and for ensuring that time sheets are kept for all work on the project. The project administrator/planner is responsible for working with finance department to collect data each week and enter it into appropriate schedules.

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