Identify the team mission

The mission is the intended result. It provides the focus for all team activities. It gives the expected outcome(s) of the project. The mission provides an indication of the magnitude of the project. It should state the boundaries of the project to include specific process(es). It is important for the mission to define the authority of the team. Further, the team's resources to accomplish the mission must be identified. Normally, the mission originates from outside the team. It comes in general terms from variety of sources, i.e., management, customer. This general mission must be negotiated and clarified by the team.

The mission must be written in a mission statement. The clarification of the mission should be the first outcome-related activity of the team. The mission statement must be understood, clear and achievable. The team must reach consensus on a mission statement before doing any other team activity. Teamwork requires unrelenting devotion to a common purpose for success. The mission provides the common purpose.

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