History of Project Integration Management and Quality

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Integrated project management has its roots in the experience of managing complex technological and system developments during World War II. During WWII, traditional management approaches proved deficient in integrating the many aspects of the development and production of complex weapon systems. After WWII, the need to manage large and complex undertakings increased the interest in project management approaches. This was fostered by successful efforts, such as the Manhattan project. In the early 1950s, project management started to evolve into a more systematic approach to completing programs. Project management became necessary as industries took on specific jobs, usually defense-related or civil engineering-related. These programs were typically for the management of major space, weapons, and construction projects through the stages of design, development, manufacturing, testing, and production. In the 1960s, project management began to be implemented in many organizations besides defense, space, and construction industries. Project management became essential in the computer industry. By the 1970s, project management was recognized as an established management approach for many organizations involved in government, education, and private endeavors. Today, project management has continued to progress into a management approach—essential to producing many deliverables. Further, project management software helps perform many of the project management tasks.

As it evolved from the management of complex projects, project management, usually involved the management of defined, nonroutine activities aimed at distinct time, financial, and performance goals for a system development project. Through the years, project management has been refined through the application of a wide range of industrial and service organizations. The most well-known use of project management is within the DoD industries to develop weapon systems. Weapon systems such as the B-2 aircraft, with its state-of-the-art design, would not be possible without highly sophisticated project management techniques. Modern construction projects could not be built without using project management. Today, computer companies, the movie studios, small businesses, and even the music industry uses project management.

The basic project management techniques have remained fairly standard over the years. However, the greatest impact on project management has been with the use of technology. Technology, especially automation and telecommunications, has allowed project management techniques to expand in breadth and scope.

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