The goal is the specific desired outcome(s). It should be specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time bound. Set reasonable goal(s) but do not set sights too low. Set a goal that will be a challenge. Orient goals to specific measurable results. Link goals to customer requirements.

Gear to specific results. Define within specific parameters.

Observe by measurement. Check through identified system of measurement.

Attain success. Challenge yourself, but include a high degree of success.

Limit to a specific time period. Define within a specific time period.

Set by an individual or the group. Determine by the people who make it happen.

Goal example. Some examples of goals are as follows:

■ Reduce manufacturing cycle time for assembly X from 6 to 2 hours within 1 month.

■ Decrease errors in quantity required block on order processing sheet from 10 per month to 0 in 3 months.

■ Reduce rework on process A from 50% to 20% in 2 months.

■ Produce a training program for customer-driven project management tools and techniques within 4 months.

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