Generating Commitment and Purpose in the Integrated Project Team

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We believe the essence of project success in most organizations lies not in teamwork, per se, but in individual performance focused on integration, inspired by the team and by the customer. Like any joint effort, it is the combined effect of individuals with common purpose that produces success; it is too easy to describe this simply as teamwork. It is in fact individual effort and integrity that produces success. Both individual proficiency and integrity as well as teamwork are needed, but in a mix unique to each enterprise and created by the project manager to match the project situation.

Again, keying off some of Tom Peters' ideas, we stress the new dimension that individuals with unique perspectives—not team-dominated, consensus-driven groups—can bring to the field to accept a new "rainbow" team. We deal with "brand you" concepts in a project environment. We hold that individual creativity sparks most successful projects, and most breakthroughs occur not as a result of teams brainstorming, but of individuals simply thinking through implications and impacts in the context of their own experiences.

The chapter describes a brand new chapter on women in project management and elaboration on Tom Peter's rainbow team concept.

People are the key to success in customer-driven project management. People make are the ones who perform and improve the project. Customer-driven project management aims to maximize the potential of the human resources in an organization. This is accomplished by fostering both individual and team contributions to the organization. Customer-driven project management relies on individuals working smart and taking pride in their work accomplishing the project mission. In addition, these individual's contributions are multiplied through customer-driven teams. People involvement tools and techniques include: individual involvement, teamwork, communication especially listening, focus setting, meetings, brainstorming, and presentation.

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