Five Step Scheduling Process

The program manager generates the scheduling process; the department manager serves as a resource on product functionality and department resources and assures that the technical procedures are in place to complete the work. This process works effectively only with a constant dialogue between program managers, department managers, system engineers, and the team.

The scheduling process for product development involves five steps, culminating in the product deliverable. The general sequence of work is first to define the work from customer requirements; structure the work into an outline or WBS; define an overall, top-level task structure and work flow; then identify tasks, durations, and interdependencies, and then develop department-staffing plans to accomplish the work, estimate the costs, and kick off, monitor, and close out the program.

The following is a table outlining the five functions, a description of the function, and the roles of the program manager, department manager, director of product development, and project team.

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