Departmental Manager Roles in the Matrix

Department managers for systems engineering, mechanical/optical design, electrical design, software design, and certification are responsible for building and maintaining the resource and technical capacity of their departments to support the product development process. Here are some key functions of department managers in the program management process:

■ Assign programs to staff and support assignments.

■ Ensure technical processes and systems are in place to accomplish programs.

■ Prepare and maintain department schedules for each program, identifying department level assignments.

■ Attend program review meetings and provide advice and support to program managers.

Each program team member is responsible for understanding his or her individual tasks and for general support to overall team performance. Team members are accountable for staying technically proficient and performing their assigned tasks in a timely way, consistent with the schedule. Team members are responsible for communicating with their program managers and functional managers on issues or problems encountered in their team tasks. Team members collaborate with each other and with the program manager, promptly attend program team meetings, and report to their program managers and department managers on schedule and technical issues, respectively.

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