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Control account manager roles and responsibilities. The control account manger is the accountable manager in charge of tasks and cost accounts at a given level of the project WBS.

Team relationships. Team members must have collaborative relationships that facilitate honest and accurate representation of work progress.

Work authorization. Under an earned value system, each task is authorized by a project manager or team task manager.

Establish schedule baseline. An official schedule is established during the project planning process after all project work is captured in a linked, cost, and resource assigned project.

What. The "what" question is the issue of what work is to be performed; a documented project schedule and WBS determines the what of the project.

When. The "when" is determined by a calendar-based Gantt chart that places tasks in a calendar, based on durations, start and finish dates, and linkages between tasks.

How. The "how" of the system is determined by the WBS and data dictionary; the definition of the task includes a discussion of how the work is to be accomplished, e.g., tools, equipment, methodology, techniques, and the like.

Why. The "why" of the process is determined by the scope of work and customer requirements; each task is being conducted because it is part of the process of creating value in the project deliverable design to satisfy a customer.

Schedule objectives. Schedule objectives in terms of deliverable due dates are set by the baseline schedule and by customer requirements. If there is a gap between the customer's schedule requirement and the baseline schedule, a final schedule objective must be negotiated.

Top down. The top down WBS is organized top down, beginning with the deliverable at the top and breaking down tasks to the fourth level.

Vertical integration. Vertical integration is the process of aligning the scope of work down into the WBS and project schedule.

Horizontal integration. Horizontal integration is the process of aligning work across the project at a given level of the WBS. Integration of parallel work is important to ensure that work going on under different components is coordinated, during the process of design and development.

Critical path and critical chain. Critical chain is based on integrating time and resources in scheduling work. Critical path reflects task durations only without focusing on resource bottlenecks in noncritical tasks; critical chain establishes a line of control in the project schedule that controls key resources that drive the project outcome.

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