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Organization of the Book xiii Preface xvii Acknowledgements xxv

Chapter 1. Project Integration 1

Introduction 1

Integration: Concepts and Models 1

Vertical and Horizontal Integration 4

Analysis, Selection, and Scheduling: Portfolio Integration 5

eProcurement: Example of Horizontal Integration 6

PMBOK and Project Planning 6

Strategic Planning 7

Ethics and Project Integration 8

Integration Model 8

Project Integration Management: Organizational Issues 9

Develop Project Charter 12

Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement 19

Develop Project Management Plan 21

Direct and Manage Project Execution 23

Monitor and Control Project Work 26

Integrated Change Control 27

Close Project 30

Chapter 2. Case Study of PMBOK Implementation: Integrated

Transportation System 33

Integration Gateway 1: Global Interface 39

Integration Gateway 2: Business Planning 40

Integration Gateway 3: Organizational Development 40

Integration Gateway 4: Global Team Composition and Development 41

Integration Gateway 5: Support Systems Audit 42

Integration Gateway 6: Portfolio Development and Management 43

Integration Gateway 7: Market and Customer Interface 44

Integration Gateway 8: Project Integration Management 44

Integration Gateway 9: Systems Safety and Reliability 45 Integration Gateway 10: Chassis, Mechanical, and Electronics

Design and Development 46

Integration Gateway 11: Software Design and Development 46

Integration Gateway 12: Test Equipment and Testing 46

Integration Gateway 13: Integration of Software and Hardware 46

Chapter 3. Case Application: Integration Issues in Portfolio and Project Planning Life Cycles 47

The Case: QuickTech Building Systems 48 The Portfolio: Integration Issues and Procedures in Development 49

Definition: Work Breakdown Structure 51

Plan Tasks for Earned Value 53

Network Diagram 54

Analysis of Early and Late Starts 55

Gantt Chart 56

Resource Integration 56

Scale and Integration 57

Integrated Monitoring 57

"Reading" the Project as an Integrated Whole 58

Integration of Cost, Schedule, Risk, and Quality 59

Steps in the Integration Process 60

Integration Skills of the Program and Project Manager 61

Single Project Management 61

Program (or Multiproject) Management 62

BuildIt: A Sample Integrated Program Structure 63

Organization 63

Strategic Statement 64

Program of Projects 64


Chapter 4. A Program Management Manual for Integrated

Project Management 67

Program Management Principles 67

Integrated Program Management: Roles and Responsibilities 69

Program Management Office 70

Departmental Manager Roles in the Matrix 71

Role of the Program Administrator/Planner 71

Five-Step Scheduling Process 75

Integrated Resource Planning and Control 79

Integrated Tracking and Program Review 80

Schedule Update Procedures 80

Analyzing Variance 81

Program Closeout and Lessons Learned 82

Earned Value and Other Integrating Functions and Forces 82

Chapter 5. Rebuilding New Orleans: A Case in Integrated Program and Project Management 91

The Concept: Leased Land under Public Ownership 92

The Integration Challenge 92

Motivation 94

Contract Goals 94

Contract Objectives 94

Technical Requirements for Community Internet System 9S

Security Systems 9S

Structure 9S

Fire Suppression Systems 9S

Transportation 9S

Management Approach 96

Project Reporting Requirements 96

Stage Gate Process and Payment Milestones 96

Affordability Requirements 96

The New Vision Program 97 Questions for New Visions in Setting Up Its Integrated Project

Management Approach 97

Accurate Performance Assessment 98

Reliable Prediction of Future Performance 98

Timely Management Action 98

Schedule Categories 99

Chapter 6. Technical Program and Project Integration Tools 101

Project Management Integration Activities 101

Schedule Structures: WBS and IMP 106

Supplier Data Integration 106

Program Networks 106

Critical Path Methodology 107

Project Contract Integration: The Federal Government Model 107

Teamwork Difficult in Engineering Environment 110

IMP and IMS Relationships 110

Integration of the Business Plan, Product Development and Production 111

More on Stage Gate Process as an Integrating Function 114

Chapter 7. Quality and Project Integration 117

System Development/Improvement 118

Concurrent Engineering 118

Quality Function Deployment 119

Robust Design 120

Statistical Process Control 121

Cost of Poor Quality 121

Just-in-Time 122

Total Production Maintenance 122

Manufacturing Resource Planning 122

History of Project Integration Management and Quality 125 Generating Commitment and Purpose in the

Integrated Project Team 131

Integration and Individual Involvement 132

Teams 134

Listening 144

Focus Setting 145

Rules of Conduct Examples 149

Brainstorming 153

Presentation 157

Chapter 8. Creating a Quality Organization in the New Millennium 165

Individual Work Ethic 165

Flexible Organization 166

Full Cycle Customer Involvement 166

Embedded and Integrated Quality 166

The Internet 167

Tracking Change and Integrating Midstream Correction 168

Traditional Project Teams 169

The Texture of Integration 170

Integration and Ethics and Internal Control Management 170

Vertical Integration of Businesses: Another Application of Integration 171

Project Integration Lessons Learned 171

Chapter 9. Risk and Project Integration 173

Earned Value: A Risk Integration Indicator 179

The Risk of "Unaccountability" 179

Project Manager Integration Roles 180

Integration Issues in Budgeting 181

Why Integrate Risk? 181

Integration and Sensitivity Analysis 182

Monte Carlo Risk Analysis : Quantitative Risk Integration 182 Special Challenges of the Integration Risk into a Software Project 183

Chapter 10. Strategic Integration:The Eastern Case 185

Commitment and Partnership 187

Stakeholder Relations 187

Eight Strategies 188

Overview on Integration Issues 189

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats 189

Eastern's Strategic Plan 192

Eight Key Strategies 194

Communicating Strategy and Risk 202

Postscript to the Strategic Plan 202

Acquisition and Merger 202

Integration in Global and International Projects 202

Postscript on Integration and the Eastern Case 203

Chapter 11. How to Use the Integration Tools in Microsoft Project 205

WBS and Task Outline 205

Integrating Projects in Microsoft Project 209

Summing up the MS Project Integration Function 210

Chapter 12. Tools in Building an Integrated Project Management System 213

Organization-Wide Project Management System 213

Program/Portfolio Planning and Development System 215

Resource Management System 216

Program Information Technology System 216

Product/Service Development Process 217

Interface Management 217

Portfolio Management 218

Program Monitoring and Control System 218

Change Management System 218

Program Evaluation System 219

Limitations of Integration Systems 219

Chapter 13. In Sum 221

Project Integration and Interface Points 221

Integration of Customer Requirements and Project Scope of Work 223

Achieving Alignment 223

Integrating Business Financial Goals with Project Selection 224

Project Planning Phase 224

WBS: New Product Project 225 Development of the Project Management System Framework with New Product Development 226

Project/Product Development Phase 228

Program, Multiproject Management Phase 229

Organizational and Accountability Phase 230

Project Monitoring Phase 231

The Project Management System Supports Integration 231

Integrated Project Review 234

Transition to Marketing Phase 245

New Concepts in Integration 245

Organizational and Technical Interfaces 252

Risk Reviews 253

General Responsibilities 254

Detailed Requirements 254

Critical Design Gate Review 255

Software Development "Points of Risk": A Function of Complexity 257

Integrating Risk Mitigation 258

Quality and Risk in Software Development 258

Appendix 1. Integrated Project Management—An Introduction 259

Introduction 259

Requirements and Features 259

Scope of Work 260

Project Life Cycle 260

Work Breakdown Structure 260

Scheduling 260

Resources and Costs 261

Risk Planning and Management 261

Monitoring and Tracking 261

Change Management Process 261

The Project Team and Organizational Structures 262

Microsoft Project 262

Contract Management Issues 262

Appendix 2. Nine Elements of Integrated Project Management 26S

Appendix S. Integrated Program Management Tools 265

Organization-Wide Project Management System 265

Program Management System 266

Resource Management System 266

Program Information Technology System 266

Product/Service Development Process 266

Interface Management 267

Portfolio Management 267

Program Monitoring and Control System 267

Change Management System 267

Program Evaluation and Audit 267

Appendix 4. Project Manager Challenges in Integration 269

Appendix 5. Graphs on Earned Value and Integration 271

Appendix 6. Notes on Project Integration 275

How to Fail in Project Management Without Really Trying 275

What You Don't Know About Making Decisions 275

Bringing Discipline to Project Management 276

Theory of Constraints Dictionary 276

What You Don't Know 276

Learning From Projects 276

The Successful Integrated Project 277

Selecting and Developing PMs 277

Synergistic Team Relations 277

Criteria for Competent PMs 278

Leadership 278

Leadership Impacts 278

Developing Core Teams 278

Project Team Competence 278

Assessing Team Competence 279

Motivation 279

Total Manager 279

Communication 280

Presentations 280

Motivation and Leadership 280

Project Management and Conflict 281

Steps in Conflict 281

Getting Unstuck 281

Negotiating 281

Conflicts 282

Meeting Skills 282

Personal Effectiveness 282

Appendix 7. Why Project Risk Management and Integration? 283

Introduction 283

Purpose of Project Risk Management 283

Risk and Decision Making 284

Risk Elements 284

Rewards of Taking Risks 284

Potential Project Risk Factors 284

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 285

PMBOK Section 11: Risk Management Processes 285

Appendix 8. Integrated Risk Planning 291

Introduction 291

Risk Planning: Inputs 291

Risk Planning:Tools 291

Risk Planning: Outputs 292

Risk Planning: Setting Up Company for Risk Management 292

Issues in Risk Planning 292

Scope Risks 292

Resource Risks 293

Quality Risks 293

Cost Risks 293

Time/Schedule Risks 293

Technology Risks 293

Risk Information 294

Risk Intensity in Project Life Cycle Phases 294

Appendix 9. Integrated Risk-Based Scheduling Using Microsoft Project 295

Introduction 295

Choose Risks for Three-Scenario Analysis 295

Generating Scenarios 295

Microsoft Project PERT Tool 296

PERT Is "What If" Analysis 296

Index 297

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