Conflict management actions

Conflict can be managed during the day-to-day operations of the team. First, avoid any face losing situation. If honor and pride are at stake, people will defend their position even when they themselves realize they may not have the answer. Second, continuously self-examine attitudes. Sometimes, a person may develop an attitude triggered by some emotional response. This may be detrimental to teamwork. Focus on the mission and maintain a positive attitude throughout all team activities. Third, target win/win solutions. This allows the team to avoid a we/they situation. Fourth, involve everyone in all team activities. People do not agree with their own contributions. If all team members participate they will support the decision. Fifth, observe the limits of arguing. Arguing is useless. It does not lead to positive solutions. Sixth, nurture differences of opinion. Everyone is right in their own mind. There are no right and wrong answers. Differences of opinion can be used to stimulate other ideas. Seventh, support construction relationships. Relationships are the key to all teamwork. Build long-term relationships on a foundation of honesty and trust. This allows open and free communication which is the real key to conflict management.

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