Case Application Integration Issues in Portfolio and Project Planning Life Cycles

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The purpose of this case is to illustrate, using a real project, how integration is achieved at each stage of a portfolio and project life cycle. The process described below includes many of the traditional project planning and control steps, simplified and "demystified," for practical use. This discussion is followed by a more in-depth treatment of integration, including technology and technical integration issues that typically characterize technical projects. Integrating a project involves 13 basic steps:

1. Business and strategic planning

2. Portfolio development and project selection

3. Definition, work breakdown structure, and scope

4. Task list, with estimated durations, linkages and interfaces, and resources

5. Network diagram

6. Time-based network diagram

7. Baseline Gantt chart (schedule interfaces)

8. Resource integration

9. Project initiation

10. Project work assignment and performance

11. Team integration

12. Project monitoring

13. Project closeout

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